Dinner with Holly

I produced and acted in a short film called Dinner with Holly. Here’s some press and behind the scenes!

Dinner with Holly on Film School Rejects:

There are really two keys to the brilliance of Dinner With HollyThe first is the shared chemistry between its actors — Kristin Slaysman, Bob Turton and Bridget Moloney — that creates a realistic base of comfortable characters shoving well past their comfort zone while allowing for all the overwhelming emotions that naturally tag along…”

Dinner with Holly as Vimeo Short-of-the-Week! Here’s what they had to say about it:

It’s a sex comedy that isn’t afraid to linger in the uncomfortable moments between people. If Curb Your Enthusiasm mated with American PieDinner with Holly just might be the resulting illegitimate love child. The style of humor, while scripted, feels delightfully improvisational. The characters in the film are flying by the seat of their pants, and the audience, in turn, is buckled in for the awkwardly satisfying ride.



Behind the scenes:

DWH behind the scenes


Bob Turton and I as “Rob” and “Anna”